Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ASP.NET Evolution in the Market ...

Till 2001 Microsoft is the king of the  software industry and most of the software’s are platform dependent only for its own operating system Microsoft Windows. But in the later years companies like Google, Ge-force, Apple and Amazon etc. give Microsoft a huge competition in acquiring the market position which force the Microsoft to change their Philosophy regarding their products and they do so for their survival.

.NET framework is completely a platform independent kind of web technology.

Before .NET

     VB        ---------------- >COMPILE ---------->creates .exe file which was
                                                                                      platform dependent.

     VS                                      IL/MSIL                                next version of
C# .NET  ----->COMPILE------->.exe file  ------->INTERPRET      ARM, LINUX, 
It performs on your code and change according to your platform                      


Intermediate Language:

it is a set of instances that can run by a specific interpretation on a specific platform. It is primarily included to make the platform independent for certain languages to work.

It is very similar with Java and works as follows ;

Java---Java code-->.class (Byte Code) ---Interpret---JRE, JVM (Plat. Inde)

VB.NET, C#---> .exe (Binary code) ---Interpret--->.NET Framework

.Net framework 3.5 (2008)  and .NET framework 3.0

3.5 And 3.0 Framework was introduce when Windows VISTA was launched. Technology like LINQ, WINDOWS Communication Foundation, and Windows Workflow Foundation were introduce with windows VISTA.

In the upcoming posts you would come to know about .NET Framework 4.0 and 4.5 and I will also explain some of the common term like CLR, CLS, and CTS...
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