Wednesday, December 14, 2016

History of Technology

At first it's important to know- What Technology is ?

We can say TECHNOLOGY is the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, and methods of organization, in order to solve a problem, improve a per-existing solution to a problem, achieve a goal, handle an applied input/output relation or perform a specific function.

Now, The one question which arises in our mind is-
- First, Do we know how sky touching Technology of present time has come into existence ?
- And the second one is  What conceptions are came into our mind when you think about the History of Technology?

If we talk about the history of the vehicles or any other thing then we get a picture in our mind that yes, this is the procedural evolution of this particular thing.

Firstly the ancient people used the  branches of tree for making wheels of their cart, Then People Started using animals to pull their Vehicles and after a procedural evolution the present view is the Uncountable rows of Cars and other vehicles  in the roads.

In the same way, Step by step evolution must be happened in the case of technology also, Am i right?

One thing is very known to us that the technology used in 1930-1940 during the World War II is very developed and vast in comparison to the technology used during 1910-1920 in World War I. People started to use Radio, Jeter Planes, Radar at the time of W.W.2 which were not used in W.W.1.

One thing is also known to us that Nearly whole world is participating in the W.W.2.Like Alaska, United states, Italy, Africa, Russia, Japan, Phillipines were in the main role or we can say that the WAR was geographical distributed in the whole globe.

So the communication between them is very important to proceed in WAR and the communication must be Wireless because they can not connect the whole world with wires at the WAR time.So they started to send their messages through Radio or other Wireless system.

A problem was arise to them, Problem with the Wireless Signal. We know what problems can arise  with Wireless communication?
The answer is,  Any body can listen or get that Signal by putting an Antenna.

So for the First time Germans started to use ENCRIPTED wireless signal. They made a Machine named as ENIGMA which can encrypt a easy code to a code which can not be understood by any unauthorized people who initially do not know the encryption code. 

So, The story began with Bletchley Park of England which was Established  in 1938 as a code-breaking center. Their was a top secret code braking effort started by the British Government. One of the Scientist named ALAN TURING who started to crack codes by using Mathematics and he believed that  “The codes are more crackable Than they think.”  So they build a Machine named BOMBE to crack codes which can brake the encrypted code very fastly using Mathematics. It was a Mechanical Computer.

Their after German Encryption was Improved. And they started to encrypt more sophisticated codes. Mechanical Computer could not  decrypt the codes anymore. That was WAR time and if the government investing so much money for an organization and the organization was unable to do their job any more so they forced to built something faster.

And then the people in Bletchley Park built an ELECTRONIC COMPUTER named as COLOSSUS which was more faster than BOMBE. It was the most powerful computer of the world at that time. All this things were kept Top Secret till 1960-1970.

When the WAR comes to an end. And can we guess what happened after the WAR ?

The Bletchley Park was closed, And the Scientists working their  went to different academic places like MIT,  HARWARD, MANCHESTER etc. And the main point is that What they did can not share to the world.
But one thing they realized that Electronics can do COMPUTATION  rapidly and Electricity can be used to represent DATA .
They were start doing research in Academic places and began to motivate and share their knowledge to others.
Then after few years of research a Series of computers came into existence like Manchester Baby, Ferranti Mark 1, Harward Mark 1 and US Army ENIAC. A giant calculator which can solve problems in Mathematics was built in Harvard named as The Harvard-IBM Mark 1.These computers are built in such kind of Architectures which are still use today.

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